2021 AMPLIFY Season

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 Thirty-Seven by Leslie M. Scott-Jones

MARCH 25 – 28 
A young Black man wrestles with the decision to get involved in the Movement for Black Lives. Armed with intelligence well beyond his 8th grade education, we follow his journey through the everyday struggle of being Black in america.

Seth, played by Jamahl Garrison-Lowe, has been told that his entire existence is inconsequential, and he knows that to be a lie. Now he must decide what to do about it, weighing his physical safety against his emotional and spiritual wellbeing. While he ponders these thoughts, he must also survive long enough to put thought to action.


Jamahl Garrison-Lowe as Seth Cornelius Jefferson

Bibi Mama as Lillian Martin Wood

J.J. Johnson as Arthur Johnson

Megan Randall as Caroline Genovese

Andy Davis as Paul Dorden

See About the Girls by Ti Ames


Written as a companion piece to Amiri Baraka’s The Slave, See About the Girls continues Walker Vessel’s story presuming that Walker’s bi-racial daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth, are still alive. Set 14 years later, the one act explores the daughters’ contradicting views of their father’s actions and how it has affected them as young adults. Ultimately, the sisters must face their biggest fears as their world begins to crumble around them once again. A story of memory, family and the effects of childhood trauma, See About the Girls seeks to answer the question, “What do you do when the war is over?”.

Tanesha by David Vaughn Straughn

AUGUST 19 – 22

When a girl witnesses and records the murder of an unarmed black man in secrecy, her family must struggle with how to go about achieving justice. The generational divisions within are displayed when the efficacy of actions regarding activism for civil rights and racial equity are debated, and lives hang in the balance.

She Echoes on the Vine by Aiyana Marcus


Through a divine connection with her ancestral memories, a woman journeys to find self-acceptance and self-love in order to discover her true identity. Defying her natural instincts to suppress her own demons, she summons the strength to uproot the darkness from her past, only to realize she’s not the person she thought she was.

As part of the Vinegar Hill Symposium JSAAHC Charlottesville Players Guild presents Vinegar Hill by Teresa Dowell-Vest.

Nia is going home. She takes refuge in pictures. She hides behind the camera. Tonight she will find out an untold story of Charlottesville. The story of her family. Of her ancestors. They will tell it to her. Tonight she will find out who she is.

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Radio Golf
Directed by: Ray Smith
Radio Golf is a play by American playwright, August Wilson, the final installment in his ten-part series, The Century Cycle. It was first performed in 2005 by the Yale Repertory Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut and had its Broadway premiere in 2007 at the Cort Theatre. It is Wilson’s final work.

The tenth and final play in August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle, Radio Golf follows a black man named Harmond Wilks on his quest to revive his childhood neighborhood and become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh. Wilks, his wife Mame, and his best friend Roosevelt, have planned a redevelopment project that will bring a new high-rise apartment building and chain-stores to the old and devastated Hill District.

Here’s our director talking about the project and the process.

PREY by Cleavon Meabon IV


A broken and devastated Lazarus seeks to find closure on being ghosted by Jesus. The journey aggravates several memories of how he lost his first love and magnifies the behaviors that ensued as a result of mental and emotional abuse. Distressed sounds of longing, triumph, sex, and clarity soak the artistic piece of a man in an estranged relationship with religion and Jesus. Prey.

PREY is produced, written, composed, and performed by CleaThaChrist.

Cleavon Meabon, IV, “CleaThaChrist,” is a visionary artist with commendable projects in the creative and corporate world. Cleavon has lead local and national endeavors, in professional theatre, film, radio, and television. He is most known for his work as a writer and director of musical theatre after championing cities like Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA with his musical production BREATHE. His transcending approach has been sought after by top grossing companies and notable leaders. Meabon is gifted with pairing a plethora of technical skills to vision and practical solution.  He hails from the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. He attended Howard University in pursuit of a degree in fine arts and economics. He is transforming the psyche through art and healing.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Directed by: Ti Ames

In a Chicago recording studio, Ma Rainey’s band players Cutler, Toledo, Slow Drag, and Levee gather to record a new album of her songs. As they wait for her to arrive they tell stories, joke, philosophize, and argue. Tension is apparent between the young hot-headed trumpeter Levee, who dreams of having his own band, and veterans Cutler and Toledo.

Gem of the Ocean
Directed by: Leslie Scott-Jones

Gem of the Ocean unfolds in the home of Aunt Ester, a well known 285-year-old wise woman of the town whose home has become a sanctuary for the troubled and lost. Onto the scene walks Citizen Barlow, a man who has fled from Alabama after indirectly causing another man’s death when he stole a bucket of nails.

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